Something borrowed, something new…

Well it’s spring and thoughts turn to flights of fancy, or so the saying goes. Spring is also the time of new beginnings. The promise of what can be with a newness about everything.

This is Thumbnail Graphic’s beginning and I have to say; it’s been a long time coming. This will be my fifth business venture and I must say one of the most exciting. I have always craved the newness of the business world. In it change is the only constant and I long to embrace it. Certain methods and acumens remain at the basis of business and I believe they have translated into every business endeavour I have pursued: Innovation, Service, Intelligence and Understanding. This coupled with a core desire to “Do it right” has helped in my success.

So what will Thumbnail do? Simply change everything and every way a business looks at marketing, communicating and producing. Sounds interesting and exciting doesn’t it?

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